Nvidia’s new Tegra X1 car infotainment system!

Nvidia’s latest mobile processor the Tegra X1 has it’s exlusive focus on the cars! The infotainment icluded the not-so-important anymore digital speedometer.. Standart now days but, the main system which looks like a massive tablet in the car. Somewhat like the Tesla Model S’s infotainment!

There are five key button at the top who’s functionality can take up the whole screen or a part of the screen. This include a camera which shows your vehical from this “drone” like view (Don’t know if this is just for the demo), 3D “flyover” like maps! It looks really good in the demo! There are also nicely desienced in-car and music controlls! There are also other features…

Since this whole thing is run by the powerful Tegra X1 it is really fast and responsive – For the demo atleast!

Check out this video from The Verge for the more info: