Sling TV – Dish wants to be the next Netflix and Hulu!

Dish now has a new service: Sling TV which for $20/mo. you can get selected channels such as:

  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • CBS
  • TNT
  • TBS
  • CNN
  • Food Network
  • HGTV
  • Cartoon Network
  • Adult Swim
  • the Disney Channel

With Sling TV you can watch LIVE channels on you almost any streming device… Most of the channels allow you to watch shows as much as 3 days back! ESPN and ESPN2 for example don’t allow you to record or pause the playback – you can only watch it live! Keep in mind there isn’t a DVR.

The Sling TV service can be watched from (as of now):

  • Your Android / iOS device
  • From a Web Browser
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Google Nexus Player
  • LG Smart TVs
  • Mac / OS X
  • Roku set-top boxes
  • Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku TV
  • Windows PC
  • Xbox One

There are no contacts involved you you can cancel the service anytime you want and with the Xbox One you get a one month trail so you can have enough time to make sure this service fits your needs.

If you need more channels then you can buy ad-ons.

Dish wants this to be another streming service along with Hulu Plus and/or Netflix. As for now we suggest you keep your current streaming service subscription for now…


MSI GT80 Titan! Upgradeable SLI Gaming Notebook with Cherry MX Keyboard!

MSI’s new GT80 Titan is an Upgradble SLI gaming notebook that has a Cheey MX keyboard build-in!

This gaming notebook has a full thickness mechanical keybord so there was a big compromise. The laptop is oddly designed and these is this big space above the keyboard which houses all your components included the DVD drive and two GTX 980M graphics card. Now since the keyboard has to at the very edge of the laptop… Which means there is no place to put your hand but, the downside is if the components were at the bottom then there would be alot of heat from the components.

The tracpad is also really oddly sized with it being really tall. The tracpad also has a numpad that can be used on top of tracpad. With a 16:9 screen you would think that the tracpad would be a problem but, actually it’s not that bad!

The keyboard being this far from the screen you would think that would be a problem with a small screen but, unlike other laptops like has 18.4 in. screen so that’s not a problem.

The metal part above the keyboard is held in by two screws and you can slide it off and have access to most of the key components such as the all four of the PCI E SSDs, 2 out of the 4 slots of ram, the hard drive, and the CD drive. All of the other components are accessible from the bottom.

MSI is also adding in a bunch of additions when you buy the laptop. MSI is including a wrist rest, a bag that can hold this beast! MSI’s upgrade program that was released last year promises that for 2 GPU product lines they will have new MXM modules and new cooling modules people can install to move to the next two generations of high-end GPUs.


Port for the 350 watt power brick!

(1) Ethernet port

(2) Mini-display ports

(1) HDMI

(1) Optical out

(5) USB 3.0 SS

(1) SD Card Reader

Audio Jacks

Kensington Lock


Almost $3,600!





MSI GS30 Shadow 13.3″ Ultrabook – Best Gaming Laptop

MSI GS30 Shadow 13.3″ Ultrabook is a regular laptop with regular specs:

Just Laptop Specs:

  • Processor: Intel 4th Gen Core i7
  • Memory Type: DDR3L, up to 1600MHz, Max 16GB
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Pro
  • LED Backlight Display: 13.3-inch , support up to 2560×1440 , Wide view angle, Anti-glare
  • Hard Disk Capacity: M.2 SSDx2 with Super Raid
  • Keyboard: Backlight Keyboard
  • USB 3.0/2.0: 2/0
  • Card Reader: SD(XC/HC) /MMC
  • Video output: HDMI 1.4b
  • Audio I/O: Mic-in/Headphone out
  • LAN/WiFi: Giga LAN/ Intel 802.11ac
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth v4.0
  • Webcam: HD type (30fps@720p)
  • Battery: Built in 4-Cell Li-Ion
  • Power Adapter: 65W
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 320 x 227.3 x 19.8mm
  • Weight : 1.3 Kg (w/ Battery)
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1

The concept is to have a dektop graphics card attched to your latop externally so, you can take advantage of the lightwight and thinness of the laptop when you don’t need the performance but, when you need to game you can attch your laptop to the dock and sit in one place.

The dock which is included is a really big and looks like a box. The box will give you a PCi Express 16x slot with a 450watt power supply to mount your graphic card. MSI says that all MSI cards will work and most reference cards (up to GTX Titan Black or R9290X). The front panel which you take off to get access the graphics card has two big speckers inside them. The dock also has a fan and more io on the side (4 more usb, one lan, audio jacks and a power button). The laptop connects to the dock via a PCi Express 16x slot to give you full link speed.

As for now you do have to shutdown your laptop before unpluging for pluging in the dock.

$2,000 with dock!

Check you this video from LinusTechTips!

Sony is bring back the Walkman – for just $1,000!

Sony is now going to try it’s best to make the walkman cool again! This isn’t the first time… Sony tried this last year with the Petite NWZ-A17.

Sony launched a new walkman at costs over $1,000! Sony says that everybody is streaming music from their smartphone now days but, you phone doesn’t have the best DAC (Digital-to-analog converter) and most of the time you don’t get the sound the artists want you to hear…

According to Sony, This will give audiophiles a first class experience!

The new Walkman “can reproduce master quality recordings just as the artists originally intended,” The company said in a news release.

The battery like is also really good from a single charge:

60-hours of MP3 playback

33-hours of high resolution playback

Even though it runs Android 4.2 it not designed to be used as a smart phone with it’s now specs which is not a problem since it’s supposed to be used for music playing.

The walkman isn’t available for pre-order yet but, Sony expected these to be in people’s hand by Spring 2015.

See more images here!


You have heard of the Xbox and now the Obox and it’s Razer’s Forge!

Yesterday we taked about the Obox a handheld gaming console run by Android. The Ouya didn’t get really big. The Ouya was also a $99 dollar Android running gaming console. The Razer Forge is also a $99 Android running console that connects to the TV. The Razer Forge is which is really small at 4×4 inches!

Alongside the Forge, Razer also unveiling a line of other products – a couple of Bluetooth-based peripherals. The Serval gaming controller and the Turret keyboard and magnetised mouse; the Nabu X, a “basic alternative” to its Nabu smartband – They will sell for as cheap as $20 to registered Razer Insiders and it will be $50 to others. A new VR headset was also there in conjunction with other hardware manufacturers.


They also have this wireless keyboard with a a flipable and magnetic mouse pad – This can hold the mouse included.



The mouse is about the same – almost same as all the other console controllers. The layout is also the same! There is also a clip on top of the controller that can hold your mobile device.





There is also Cortex: Stream which uses Wi-Fi low-latency streaming from a source that is a lot more powerfull then a cheap Android console – like your PC.


quad-core Snapdragon 805 CPU

Adreno 420 GPU

802.11ac WiFi

Bluetooth 4.1


16GB of storage

Google Play Games & Cortex: Stream

We are trying to get our greddy hands on this as soon as possiable but, until then – Check out this video from LinusTechTips.

Product Photos:



Most photos use in this update are from Engadget

Sony’s answer to Google Glass! – SONY PRESS EVENT – DAY 1

2014 was said to be the year of wearables but, that didn’t quite turn out great for the Google Glass with laws preventing people from using them in certain scenarios and with it’s high price of $1500 there are not a lot of people willing to adopt it.

The Verge’s Ross Miller wearing the Sony’s Google Glass like device!


Sony has the answer – well we think… We don’t yet have the final pricing and laws but, as far as the devices go – they are the same… The Sony one also has a screen that it out of your peripheral vision and they both also have a camera! The screen is full color. With the demo video it seems like it might be waterproof or water resistant (Yes, There is a difference). It also seems like that these can be put over your regular galsses but, we will have to conform that later! As of now – We don’t know alot so stay tunes on the site to find out more information! This is still just a concept – Don’t know when it will come out…

The Sony’s SmartEyeglass Developer Edition is coming out in March and it’s a 3D glasses like bifocals that show information.

Meanwhile check out this Hands-On video from The Verge. We have nothing to do with them – We just find their videos well produced!

Asus Zenfone 2 – What just happened?

Asus has showed off a couple of new phones and tablets. Here is one of them, The Zenfone 2…

Android Lollipop – Custom Zen UI

The Zen UI is not much change – It has custom animations and icons. A lot of Lollipop has been untouched though.

Capacitive buttons

Home, Back, Multitasking

Power button is on the top – not the best for a large screen phone. The Zenfone 2 takes alot of design ideas from the Moto X.

There is also a Zenfone Zoom which is a Lumia 920 like with a humped camera but, it was under glass so, more information is waiting…

The Zenfone 2 SIM-LESS is only $200! This is the best thing ever!

BMW shoes off a car that will “never” crash and will park itself!

BMW’s new car allows you to slam on the gas and with it’s sensors you will ‘never’ crash! Acoording to BMW, The sensors will minimalize the amount of crashes and dents people have from objects placed in the blind spots!

The car can also be parked from the smartwatch. It can also come back to the place it left you.

More info coming…