T-Mobile creates a app for unlocking your phone!

T-Mobile Store | Image source: Technobuffalo


T-Mobile releases a app on the Android App store after the government officially approves unlocking your phone in the US!


T-Mobile device unlock
T-Mobile Unlocking App | Image source: Android Central

Big news just came out of T-Mobile that they just released a SIM unlock app that allows you to use your phone on any other GSM network. The only catch that their is right now is that it is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Avant. Android Central has tried to put the app on other deices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 but, Unlocking did not work.

There are two options currently (As seen on the image above).

1) Temporary Unlock – Mostly for over-seas use (Which is what most sim-unlock is used for)

2) Permanent Unlock


TMo News earlier reported that the temporary unlock is a 30-day deal, and the permanent unlock will be subject to “certain eligibility requirements.”

There hasn’t been said anything about other devices being able to use this feature.


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