The future of this website.

This website was a part of my hoobie project to publish technology reviews and videos on my YouTube. As you can see I have not posted to either in a very long time. I have just grown up and moved on from those hobbies, even though I am still very much interested in technology.

I have also started to attend college (Go Hokies!) for Computer Science and I just don’t have time to spend on all of my hobbies so some had to be cut and this was one.

Many of the features and the ‘look and feel’ of this website has been disabled as I just could not continue to keep updating it to support new mobile, browser, and operating system requirements and still function the way I first imagined it. I have restored the site back to the default theme so I can continue to work on my future and keep a part of past and childhood still available for me to come back and look at (This website and YouTube channel).

This YouTube channel and website was one of the first things I actually did to put my interest in technology to actual use, however, I have since moved on. I will try to keep this hosting and domain up forever so I can continue to look back on part of my childhood.

Dhrumil Shah,