YouTube is offering 3 months of YouTube RED for just a dollar!

YouTube RED – A paid service from YouTube which gives you access to some extra features (Background listening on mobile, ad-free content and more..), exclusive content and a better way to support your creators!

YouTube has just started sending out newsletters informing users that you can get a three month subscription for just a dollar! That’s right just a dollar for three months of service!

The offer is valid until 6/17/2016 and is unfortunately not available for users who have used the free-trail before. After the three months, if you haven’t canceled your subscription it’ll automatically renew for $9.99/month.

301+ views is no longer a thing!?

We all have a seen a video with the 301+ views on a YouTube video and that’s because when a video gets more than 300 views rapidly, YouTube has to verify those views to make sure that real people are actually watching the video and not just bots. This verification process can not just take hours but a few days to even weeks! Now that YouTube is a much bigger platform with hundreds of videos getting more than 300 views in just a few minutes. This is not just a problem for creators who can’t track views on their videos in “real-time” but, it’s also a little unprofessional to see a highly produced with “301+” views.

Yesterday YouTube posted a photo on Twitter with the caption “We’re saying goodbye to 301+ and hello to more up-to-date video views.” with a photo of their new view verification process that will continue to count views that it knows are from real people and will keep that views that it thinks are “suspicious” for review later instead of verifying them in-bulk after 300 views. This is also a much better process as before if your video passed the 300 views mark you could use bots later to jack up the views without even YouTube noticing (unless they manually checked them again..) as the verification for the views is not in place for views that you get after the “301+” has been updated!

Overall this is really smart move for YouTube to keep up with the overgrowing traffic for online on-demand content!

YouTube’s 10 year anniversary is marked with unicorns, cats and double rainbows!?

YouTube is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary the way we know it. YouTube has chosen 26 of it’s best moments of videos from A to Z! It’s also spreading them though out May – A letter a day.

On YouTube 300 hours of video is being uploaded every minute compared to the first video that was uploaded to YouTube by it’s co-founder Jawed Karim – “Me at the zoo” which was only 18-seconds.

YouTube was founded on February 14th 2005 in an apartment above a Japanese restaurant. The idea for YouTube was born after the creater couldn’t find footage of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and other events. In 2006 YouTube was purchased by Google for only $1.68 Billon.

YouTube is also ranked #3 Globally and #4 in the U.S. on the famous site ranking site Alexa.

But, this is how YouTube puts it’s self:

YouTube is a portrait of our global culture, seen through the lenses and perspectives of people around the world. It is a portrait built by a creative community of bold and fearless individuals. Built by comedians, gamers,activists, artists, performers, teachers, and pranksters. Built with cats and rainbows and blenders and ninjas and unicorns. It was built on the silly. It was built on the profound. It was built by you.

Of-Course you can’t forget that we are also on YouTube and are making great tech content!

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Test out the YouTube’s new player! PRE-BETA

YouTube has started testing out a new style of HTML player. The new player is a lot more simplistic and modern.

The new player is has a semi transparent bottom bar along with different and new animations and icons! The new player is still in testing mode and If you decide to use the new player be sure to keep in-mind that the player is not finished and is still being worked on.

From my own opinion I feel like that new player still needs a bit work on like that fact that the video title and some player elements stay blurry and don’t scale properly while in fullscreen mode.

Ads on the new player just fine but the new cars UI is just not great and glitches out the whole player at times. Annotations also are not existent in the new player hinting at a fact that YouTube might be ditching the annotation system.

If you want to try out the player yourself it’s really easy all you need to do is install the EditThisCookie plugin on chrome and when you go to click on the plugin in the toolbar and find “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE” and change it’s value to


from whatever it already is and save.

Next time you open a YouTube video it will load the new player! Have fun trying out the player and keep in mind that it’s still pre-beta.

If you want to go back to the original player then remove everything in the value box of “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE” and save.

UPDATE: YouTube has made a full move to the new player. There is no need to do this anymore!

Vessel; a YouTube alternative is bringing Top YouTubers onto it’s site!

Vessel is a new paid steaming site that allows creators to post video onto the site and has the same features of YouTube; Likes, Comments, Shares etc…

Vessel is making deals with big YouTubers with which a YouTuber can post a video on Vessel and then post the same video to any other streaming site at-least 72 hours after the video has been posted to Vessel. Major YouTubers are making the move because with YouTube’s new “product placement” rules you cannot put a logo of another company on screen or have in-video ads. Most of these big YouTube creators make their household out of these sponsorship and if they don’t have them then they can start to lost out on a lot of money… With Vessel since it’s a paid service you don’t have to worry about YouTube’s new rules.

Even though Vessel is a paid service there are still 5 seconds pre-roll ads on very video but there are no in-video ads.

Vessel is growing insanely fast and already a lot of the big YouTubers. Some of these include LinusTechTips and UnboxTherapy, Reet and Link along with other people..

For just a free hours more you can access Vessel for FREE for a year using LinusTech’s Link! No Credit-Cards needed! Right now Vessel is only $2.99/month but expect this to be more after a year!

Vessel is definitely not for everyone – It’s only for the people who are willing to pay to get early access to their favorite YouTuber’s videos! Most of the YouTuber’s are not making exclusive content for Vessel they are just uploading the videos there early but, what happens in the future, is well in the future.

Click to get a full of the creators already on Vessel.
Click to get a full of the creators already on Vessel.

The amount of money that you be making seems to be much more than what you would be on something like YouTube! From what Vessel tells the public.. You can make about $50 per 1,000 views compared to YouTube which sometimes is only about $10. They say that would will get 60% of subscription dollars and 70% of advertising dollars. All of this is just during the “Early Access” Period and after that these amounts might be lower or higher.

Earn more during early access

The free web treats every view equally. On Vessel, your superfans get exclusive, early access in a premium environment. During the early access period, you get 60% of subscription dollars and 70% of advertising dollars.

We estimate that videos will earn approximately $50 per 1,000 views while in early access. This is up to 20x more per view than creators earn from free web distribution.

For now it seems like there are no disadvantages to Vessel if you are on the bigger side of creators; The interface is simple and the ad integration is great and for the first year free using LinusTechTips link it’s a great deal (Limited Time).

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BREAKING: YouTube wants to get a cut of your sponsored videos!

YouTube is now starting to clamp down on creators who are working directly with companies to sponsor their videos with overlay ads and YouTube now wants to get a cut of your sponsorship money.

YouTube has not updated it’s ad policy to block “graphical title cards” from sponsors to promote their product or service.

A revised FAQ document states that video overlays of sponger logos and product branding are no longer allowed – Until the Sponsor itself pays Google to advertise their product or service.

The sponsor wants to have a title card before the video with their brand name and product information. Is this ok?

We allow text-only title cards where there is Paid Product Placement for the purpose of paid product disclosure only. Graphical title cards, including the use of sponsor logos and product branding, are prohibited unless there is a full Google media buyout on the Partner content by the sponsor. You can contact your Partner Manager for more information and assistance.

That is what the updated FAQ document states. This been you are not allowed to put a brands logo that is not yours in your video, as simple as you can’t have a coke can clearly visible in the video.

You can have a logo if you are covering the news!

A YouTube representative is saying that this is a clarified version of it’s exiting policy. This is intended to keep viewers from being stacked with ads.

This prevent YouTube stars and Multi-channel networks from creating sponsorship deals with brands without Google/YouTube getting a cut of it. It seems like YouTube has made this move because it just wasn’t making enough money from the 40% AdSense cut.

However you CAN put a brand’s logo on screen if you are covering the news – For Example: You can have Apple’s logo on screen if you are taking about the new iPhone.

YouTube now does have a new package which advertisers can buy to have a 6 second pre-roll that is not integrated into the video. It’s called “product card”!


  1. How does YouTube know that you are doing a news story from you doing a sponsorship. Right now YouTube’s Content ID system is really bad already so, that question is how is the system going to differentiate a sponsor spot from a news story?
  2. How much cut of the money will YouTube/Google will take from my “product placement”?
  3. How I sign up so YouTube/Google gets a cut of my sponsor-spots? Can I do it or the advertiser has to do it?
  4. What about the video on YouTube that already have a “product placement”? Will they be taken down?
  5. What If I accidentally have a “product placement”. Like in my vlog where I show a food that I really like or show the logo of a restaurant that I go to?
  6. Will I have to blur out every single logo out of my vlog that’s not mine?

All of these question have not yet been answered by YouTube.

If YouTube is keeping this policy and keeps doing stuff like this then it might not be far when we all move to Facebook or any other video streaming platform for our videos. Remember, These “product placements” are a big source of money for some YouTubers other then AdSense.

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EXCLUSIVE: YouTube can support 5K Video.

On Jan. 27th YouTube switched to using HTML5 by default and the next day twitter user @AndrazZnidar Posted a twitter photo showing the option 2880p 5K as one of the resolution options on a 5K video. 

Here is the video this was seen on!

The next day – the same twitter user puts up two images showing that the video was actually in 5K! The first and the second photos show that it is a 1.02 Gib, 5624×2304 at 25 fps! The “stats for nerds” from YouTube also shows that the video resolution is 5K.

At this point the 5K option has been removed but, this shows that YouTube has the ability to stream videos at 5K – Why has YouTube not enabled that option yet is unknown. No word from YouTube about this option yet.

If someone finds another video that has a option of over 4K then let us know with a comment or a tweet @ddshdyt!

Just in case the photos get deleted we have uploaded all images to our server. Attached Below.


Stats for nerds

Resolution selection

YouTube change to HTML5 instead of Flash as default

YouTube has been slowly moving to HTML5 and now it has dumped using Flash as default. YouTube hasn’t totally removed flash – it’s still there but, now most of the content will load in HTML5. The HTML5 standard will work in Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Safari 8, and in beta versions of Firefox. YouTube engineer Richard Leider said the time had come to ditch the aging Flash in favor of HTML5 as the latter, used in smart TVs and other streaming devices, had benefits that “extend beyond web browsers.” YouTube has been using HTML5 since 2010.

HTML5 allows YouTube to bring it’s videos to mobile devices that don’t support flash like iPhone. HTML 5 did not meet the website’s needs five years ago but now it does. The one major key in this switch is HTML5’s adoption of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR), which lets the site change the bitrate and resolution of the videos based on the viewers internet connection. YouTube says that this will reduce buffering by more than 50% globally, and by as much as 80% on heavily congested networks. HTML5 also supports VP9 codec, which allows higher quality video at a bandwidth reduction of 35%, and APIs let YouTube show fullscreen videos with standard HTML UI.


Even though Adobe thinks so, Flash is not the vest solution for web video.

#Microstopped – Microsoft taking down YouTube videos that have anything to do with Windows!

Starting earlier today most videos on YouTube that have anything to do with Windows, from “How to use Windows 8.1” to Downloading Windows 7 beta are getting taken down due to copyright strikes.

Chris Pirillo was one of the victims of whats now known as #Microstopped about “Windows 7 Upgrade or Anytime Upgrade?” Here is what the notice looks like:

YouTube copyright strike notice
Image Source: Chris Pirillo (Twitter)

If you were planing on uploading a video about anything that has to do something with Windows than, you might want to wait until this is fixed. Microsoft has said nothing about this right now…

UPDATE Oct. 14 2014, 11:50 P.M. : Microsoft has said that the videos that were removed included infringement of copyright in the comment section by users posting Product Keys. It doesn’t matter if the infringement was in the video itself or not. This problem is currently being fixed.