How to fix “The phone number is change or not in service” message when placing calls on Sprint.

iPhone running iOS 8.3.

I ran into an issue after enabling Wi-Fi calling in my Sprint iPhone – It would not place or receive calls as soon as I left Wi-Fi or even when I came back on Wi-Fi.

I would keep reciving a message along the lines of:

“The Phone number that you are trying to call is disconnected or not in-service. If you received this message by error then, check your number and try again. (Error Number).

The wired part was that I was able to call 5-1-1, Apple Care and, Sprint Care or any Toll-free number. I was Just not able to call a local number.

I called Sprint and went to a Sprint store but, all they were able to do was ##UPDATE# and then ##CLEAR#. The last operater from sprint told me that it was a “glitch” in the network and If I summited my location to them then they would come to the tower and fix the “glitch”.  Keep in mind that the problem started on a different tower. He told me wait till the morning and call back if the problem was still there.

I decided to take the problem into my own hands. I went into Setting > Phone > WiFi Calls > Update Emergency Information > Scrolled down and checked “Disable Wi-Fi calls on this account > Confirmed the print and now the Wi-Fi calls were disabled from the Sprint system – The Problem went away.

UPDATE (No idea with date it is):*The phone number is change or not in service* has been fixed with a carrier update and in iOS 8.4. If you are still on iOS 8.3 then call ##873283# to fix the problem while using Wi-Fi calling.

UPDATED: Sprint Enables Wi-Fi Calling for iOS device with iOS 8.3!

UPDATE 4/17/2015: Do not enable Wi-Fi right now. I have gotten a statement from a Sprint Representative that there is a known problem where If you enable using your iPhone and leave the Wi-Fi then your phone will not be able to make calls if you are on Wi-Fi or not. The way to fix this is to not use it now or go to your online Sprint account and add the Wi-Fi calling feature manually – A Sprint Represenative can also do this for you.
If you do not want to add it to your account then you can disable Wi-Fi calling permanently (Not using the Toggle) then there is a guide here: Click Me! 

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With iOS 8.3 Sprint also sent out an carrier update (19.1). This gave iOS users the option to use Wi-Fi Calling for Sprint Users.

If you want to enable Wi-Fi calling then Go to: Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls > Enable “Allow Wi-Fi Calls” > Tap “Turn On” on the Prompt > Verify your address (or fill it in) > Tap “Next” > You are done!
You will now have a option to “Update Emergency Address” – This is the update the address you put in or verified; which will be shown to the Emergency Services if you call 9-1-1 using Wi-Fi. Always tell the Emergency Services your EXACT location in case of any emergency*.

What Wi-Fi calling is if you don’t or have poor network connection in an area then you can use a Private or Public Wi-Fi network so your calls can be directed over Wi-Fi. There are some limitations:

Only the following Abbreviated Dialing Codes (ADCs) are supported over a Wi-Fi Call for iOS. Dialing another ADC (*55 for example) will result in a message stating the call cannot be completed over Wi-Fi. This call will need to be placed after the Wi-Fi Calling feature is turned Off.

211: Community Resources
311: Non-Emergency Services
411: Directory Assistance
511: Traffic Information
611: Sprint Customer Care
711: TDD Relay for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
811: Call Before You Dig Services
9-1-1: Emergency Services

*2: Sprint Customer Care
*3: Sprint Pay by Phone option
*4: Sprint Wireless Account Information
*5: Sprint Wireless Account Information in Spanish

Network Services Not Supported:

Messaging (SMS & MMS) in a Wi-Fi only area (No cellular coverage provided by the Sprint Nationwide Network)
Wireless Emergency Alerts in a Wi-Fi only area (No cellular coverage provided by the Sprint Nationwide Network)
Premium Caller ID
Wireless Priority Services (WPS)
Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)
Account Controls from
All voice account controls will not be functional when using this service including the following:

Block inbound Voice
Block outbound Voice
Block inbound/outbound Voice
Allow list and block list for specific numbers
Incompatible Services that will be de-provisioned when signing-up for Wi-Fi Calling on iOS:

RingBack Tones
StarStar Me
Google Voice
Integrated Office (IO) Business Service
Sprint Mobile integration (SMI) Business Service
Wireless Mobile Integration (WMI) Business Service


With Wi-Fi calling the Phone will try to use the cellular network to connect to emergency services like 9-1-1. If the call cannot be make because the single is poor or in-existent then it will be made over Wi-Fi. Emergency services will not be able to tell your location if your call is made over Wi-Fi so, you will have to provide them the exact location in an event of emergency.

All messages will still go over cellular network for now. If are not able to get a cellular connection then you text messages will not be sent.

All Wi-Fi calls are free and will not count against your call minutes if you do not have a unlimited plan.

Call / Messaging Type

Charges Utilize monthly plan minutes

Calls from, to and between US, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico numbers.



Calls made from the US, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to international numbers.

Subject to CDMA international calling plan rates.

Varies by CDMA international calling plan.

Calls from international locations to the US, US Virgin Island and Puerto Rico numbers. $0


Calls from international locations to international numbers. Subject to CDMA international calling plan rates.(No roaming charges)

Varies by CDMA international calling plan.

All of this is for iOS devices. For more Information and for Android Devices. Click Here.

* To avoid as many causalities as possible.