HTC’s ‘UH OH’ program will fix your One M9 for free up-to a year!

HTC’s new ‘UH OH’ program (clever naming) will replace your HTC One M9 if you drop it in the toilet, crack the screen, or just need to change carriers. For up-to year you can call a 800 number and they will send you a new unit overnight after giving them your phone’s IMEI number.

You can only use the program once and you have to send you broken or damaged phone back with the prepaid envelope included or you will be charged for the phone. So if someone stole your phone or dropped it from a bridge and can’t get it back then you are out of luck.

If you don’t use your ‘UH OH’ plan within the 12 months then HTC will have you a $100 credit towards your next HTC Product.

This way you can save a lot of money on protection plans, repair charges, case costs.