Can you install iOS 8 without Developers account?

After Apple released it’s new mobile operating system iOS 8 to developers at WWDC 2014, People who do are not a developers are trying to get their hands on the iOS 8 operating system without pay the $99/yr. to apple to and developers account.

Even though I have a developers account it is simply illegal for me to share iPSW’s like I have done in the past to download iOS 8.
If you do find the iPSW from other websites Let me warn you that this year if your device’s UDID is not registered then, after iOS working for a few minutes or an hour your iOS device will be unusable because, it is not registered with apple.
There are is ways to get your device back to iOS 7.1 in another post which is linked below.
Now if still you want your hands on iOS 8 then, you can Google search for a UDID registration site. Which is usally cheaper than $99/yr. from Apple. Or an working iPSW that will somehow skip the activation verification from Apple.