Wanna earn free gift cards? Legally? Here is how to do it!


I have gotten a lot of questions from my family and friends on how they can get free gift cards without doing some sketchy hacking or doing something illegal – for the most part there was nothing like that.

That all changed when I found these two services and I just could wait to tell you guys about them – so here it is.

Both of these services have the same concept – download a free from their list and earn points then exchange those points for gift cards or other stuff like prepaid phone services cards or memberships. It’s not that hard either you can usually earn one dollar gift cards in less than five app downloads – this depends on what apps you download.
Both of these services are available on Android and iOS.


FreeMyApps-Logo copy

The first service is called FreeMyApps – It’s awesome.

FreeMyApps offers a variety of apps to download from – most of the apps that give you a lot of points you just download and open and use the app for 30 seconds. Most of the apps that give you less points you just open them.
The most important part of these services is the rewards you get – there are a variety of them to choose from.

There is literally nothing bad about these services just Click Here and get started!

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FeaturePoints logo

The second service is called FeaturePoints – It’s well good.

FeaturePoints also offers a variety of apps to download from but, most of the apps don’t give you a lot of points you also just download and open and use the app for 30 seconds. FeaturePoints also has a bunch of rewards to choose from but, the amount of points your earn are little to the amount of points you need to buy the rewards.

That is the only thing bad about this service but overall it’s still good – Click Here to get started!

[button url=”/featurepoints” style=”blue” size=”large” type=”square” icon=”” target=”_blank”] FeaturePoints [/button]