#Microstopped – Microsoft taking down YouTube videos that have anything to do with Windows!

Starting earlier today most videos on YouTube that have anything to do with Windows, from “How to use Windows 8.1” to Downloading Windows 7 beta are getting taken down due to copyright strikes.

Chris Pirillo was one of the victims of whats now known as #Microstopped about “Windows 7 Upgrade or Anytime Upgrade?” Here is what the notice looks like:

YouTube copyright strike notice
Image Source: Chris Pirillo (Twitter)

If you were planing on uploading a video about anything that has to do something with Windows than, you might want to wait until this is fixed. Microsoft has said nothing about this right now…

UPDATE Oct. 14 2014, 11:50 P.M. : Microsoft has said that the videos that were removed included infringement of copyright in the comment section by users posting Product Keys. It doesn’t matter if the infringement was in the video itself or not. This problem is currently being fixed.