UPDATE: Sprint & nTelos will be bring LTE to Roanoke and Charleston!

Waynesboro, Va. // Feb. 2, 2015: nTelos announces it’s “4G for all” program that which will bring LTE to more than 81,000 customers in Roanoke, Va. and Charleston W.Va. This comes after nTelos saying that it will reduce it’s LTE coverage improvement due to a roaming contact with Sprint that allows nTelos customer to roam onto Sprint’s LTE network and Sprint customers to roam onto nTelos’s LTE network.

The nTelos / Sprint LTE surprisingly comes a few years are Verizon and AT&T has already deployed their LTE network in Roanoke.

nTelos is also investing $175 million in rolling out it’s 1900 Mhz LTE and upgrading ti’s existing CDMA network in western Virginia and West Virginia.

We don’t have a date on when exactly this Sprint and nTelos combined LTE coverage will be rolling but we expect it to be in 2015! When LTE does come it will bring both nTelos and Sprint more customers along with more competition between AT&T and Verizon. I am exited to get the LTE coverage in my area! Thanks Sprint (and nTelos)!

UPDATE March 4th 2015:

Are a Twitter conversation with a nTelous employee, Sprint will be working in it’s own network separate from nTelos who has already deployed their LTE in these areas. Sprint on the other hand is trying really hard to get their customer off the nTelos network and on to their own and deploying LTE. I have been experiencing my phone losing connection for a few moments and tends to connect to a extended network. The 3D connection is also much faster these days.

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