A Tesla can be hacked but, It’s not a big of an issue..

The “White Hat” hacker team was able to hack a Tesla Model S but, not in the way they were able to hack the Jeep.

In the Jeep hack the hackers were able to do things that could do serious damage like:

Disable Brakes
Apply Trottle

All of that just using the cellular connection far-far away.

While in the Tesla hack the hackers had to be connected to the car via an Ethernet cable and were only able to do “minor” things like:

Shut the car down including the electronic system and apply handbrakes ONLY if the car was driving under 5 Mph.

Other non-speed based things they were able to do were:
Lock/Unlock the car
“Roll” up/down the windows
and Change the speed shown on the Speedometer

This is a MUCH minor hack then the Jeeps but, it shows that it can be done. Tesla already has a program if a person reports the vulnerability to Tesla they will be awarded big money!

An fix for the vulnerabillity has already been send out with a OTA (Over-the-air update). This can be applied with just a Wi-Fi connection on your Tesla car!