NYC Taxis are going head-to with Uber using Arro!

The competition between NYC Yellow and Green taxis vs. Uber is about to go-up fast!

A new app called Arro is creating an app just-like Uber’s for you to be able to orders standard taxis with your phone. Currently Arro is being beta tested along 6,000 Yellow and green taxis and in just a few weeks with support to all 20,000 yellow and green taxis!


As we already said, Arro is really identical to Uber. You order a nearby taxi with the app (simple!) and when the request is accepted the app will provide you with the driver’s name and taxi ID, so you find the right car. It’s not clear if you can track the car with the app or not but, something that is very clear is that there are no surge pricing.

Surge Pricing is when Uber rises the prices of their rides for as much as 15% during rush hours, With Arro there is none of that!

There have already been plenty of  other apps that have tried to do this but, have failed. Arro claims that it has a better chance because it is partnered with Creative Mobile Technologies, which controls the payment in the screens on the some of taxis.

This new technology has already been implemented into the car so, drivers don’t have to worry about carrying a phone to do their work, like uber drivers have to.

Expect Arro to come to other large cities like, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C. in the near future.

Source:  Arro, Crains New York, TechCrunch