Download and Watch the Apple March Event “Spring Foward” in HD!

A few weeks ago Apple has it’s “Spring Forward” event and it was live streamed on Apple website. You can watch the stream in HD below and download it for FREE!


Video hot-linked from Apple.

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iOS 8.2 is out with a App Store for the Apple Watch!

Just this morning Apple sent out the iOS 8.2 update it’s users and it includes a “Apple Watch” app that allows you to pair your phone to your watch and download apps for the watch!

Currently the “App Store” tab is “Coming Soon”! Other then that you have a explore tab – Which has a bunch of promotion videos of the Apple Watch. The most important tab is the “My Watch” tab. When you are connected to the internet and you Bluetooth is on you can connect to your watch by pointing that camera at it or by choosing the watch from the list.

The “Apple Watch” app can’t be deleted just the “Apple Store” and the “iTunes Store”.

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Apple Watch – Android Wear for your iPhone!

[mks_dropcap style=”letter” size=”52″ bg_color=”” txt_color=”#000000″]T[/mks_dropcap]oday at Apple’s Spring Forward event it announced the released date and pricing of the Apple Watch along with “WatchKIT”.

We expected Apple to only release the Apple Watch at this event but, instead we also saw a new Macbook.

The Apple Watch does a lot of the same things as any Android Wear watch but, just with a bunch of gestures. One of these gestures include the swipe up from the watch face to bring up “Glances” which are “cards” from apps that you choose from you iPhone so you get the information quickly.
Just like an Android Wear watch it can (for example) bring up your boarding pass when you are near an airport or you are close to the time of departure. An Apple Watch can also run apps and with Apple Pay, pay for items wireless using your watch.
Just like any other smart watch you can receive any notifications on your watch and reply to text or answer phone calls. Since that watch is so small it doesn’t have a keyboard so you can reply to a message using the default commands or using Siri.

As far as the watch face itself goes it’s quite customization – you can download themes from ones that look like traditional watch to a Mickey Mouse theme. You can customize all of these watch faces. For example – With the Mickey Mouse watch  phase you change the weather in the top-right corner to anything you want like the date. The customizability is different from theme to another and in some cases you can customize a lot of stuff and in some you can only customize one or two things.

The watch physically only has two button – A digital crown and a button. The digital crown which didn’t look like the best thing in the world when they announced the watch is actually not that bad. You can use it scroll smoothing through stuff your is not always in the way and click it go to the apps page or the watch face. The second button is a quick launch button that takes you to your favorite contact and you can scroll thought them to text or call them. From this menu you will see a “doodle” if the person also has a Apple Watch and with that you can send them a animated doodle from your Watch to their’s and it will show up on their screen just like the way you drew it. You can also double tap the quick launch button to jump into Apple Pay and choose what you want to pay with.

There were rumors circulation of the Apple Watch not having great battery life and everybody was really skeptical when Tim Cook came on stage and said that the Apple Watch will have a 18 Hour battery life using a power reserve technology.

If you want the buy the Apple Watch then it’s going to about double the cost of most Android Wear watches and since Apple has never allowed third party manufacturers to create an apple product you only have three models of the Apple Watch you can buy now.

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The Apple Watch Sport – Which is the cheapest watch in the lineup. It’s available in a lot of bands and colors and in two sizes (38 mm. and 42 mm.). The watch is $349 (38 mm) or $399 (42 mm).

The Apple Watch – This is the second “inexpensive” watch. It is more premium then the Sport and has way more premium bands and more colors. This is also available in 38 mm. and 42 mm. sizes. The watch is $549 (38 mm) or $599 (42 mm).

The Apple Watch Edition – This is model is for the really serious people who want to make a fashion statement. It’s in limited quantity, colors and sizes. Most of these watches are made out of Gold (at-least the case) and start at just $10,000! No it’s not a miss print – It STARTS at 10K!


You can look at all of these watches here

Apple Watch event is scheduled to be on March 9th – “Spring Forward”

Apple has just announced when it’s Apple Watch event is going to be and it’s on March 9th at 10 a.m. PDT! Of-course a lot of news sources and agencies has been invited but it seems like this year some YouTubers have also been invited like Marques Brownlee – A Huge Tech YouTube celeb and somewhat of a Non-iPhone user has also been invited.

Image: MKBHD Snapchat
Image: MKBHD Snapchat

Never the less – We all think that Apple is going to be releasing the Apple Watch to the public at this event.

The event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, As it has been for Apple Events. It will start 10 A.M. Pacific Time.

The Invitation that was sent was has the caption “Spring Forward” and it is thought that this is the tagline because the event is the day after the Daylight Saving Time in the United States.

Image: Apple Invitation
Image: Apple Invitation


This event is thought to be mainly for the Apple Watch since there is a lot more to cover about the wearable but, It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple sneaks in another announcement because, according to recent rumors the Apple Watch’s battery life might not be that great if it’s not worse then most of the Android Wear watches on the market.

We don’t expect to see new hardware other than the wearable to like a new iPad or iPhone we can see a new software update to go along with the watch.

What ever we see it will hopefully be impressive!

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