Thank You for 2014!

We want to Thank You for using us as you best source of technology news – We hope you keep using us throughout 2015!

You, Yes every single on of you is important to us. You are want give us the urge to push out more content. We are not into the business of just making making from distracting ads (like others) our ‘thing’ is to provide you accurate and latest news and information about anything (not all) that has to do with technology.

We hope you had a great year of 2014 and will have the best upcoming year – 2015! Happy New Year!

Where to watch the New York 2014-15 ball drop?

We are almost at the end of 2014 and I just couldn’t leave you guys without a last post of 2015!

Fonder where you can watch the famous New York ball drop for the year of 2014-15? Here it is:

There are a couple ways to watch the ball drop. First is to watch the official stream on or watch it on ABC (Channel Number may vary).

Happy New Year!