YouTube is offering 3 months of YouTube RED for just a dollar!

YouTube RED – A paid service from YouTube which gives you access to some extra features (Background listening on mobile, ad-free content and more..), exclusive content and a better way to support your creators!

YouTube has just started sending out newsletters informing users that you can get a three month subscription for just a dollar! That’s right just a dollar for three months of service!

The offer is valid until 6/17/2016 and is unfortunately not available for users who have used the free-trail before. After the three months, if you haven’t canceled your subscription it’ll automatically renew for $9.99/month.

ICYMI – Apple is now offering student discounts for Apple Music..

After Apple’s very successful launch of Apple Music, it’s music streaming service.. There were a few things that separated it from it’s competitors like Spotify.

First being the much larger library of music especially for music in languages other than English.

The second very big difference was the price, for example – both Spotify and Apple Music offer individual and family subscriptions for $9.99/mo. or $14.99/mo respectively. However Spotify offered it’s service to most college and university students for 50% off at just $4.99/mo. Apple is now matching that price and is also offering Apple Music individual subscriptions for $4.99/mo.

Both services give students access to the entire catalog. The Apple Music student prices is only for one account – no a family subscription. If are already part of a family subscription – remove yourself and then signup for a individual subscription.

NOTE: If you are connected to a family membership and decide to sign up for a student subscriptionship then you’ll end up paying both the family price and the individual price.

The student validation is done though the UNiDAYS service. To find out more about getting a student Apple Music subscriptionship go: here.

Whatsapp just released a client for Windows and Mac – It kinda sucks.

WhatsApp – The popular messaging and VOiP calling service to other users has been very successful, especially in countries like India where Telecom providers still charge separately for Voice Minutes and Texting. Aside from getting purchased by Facebook for $19 Billion, the service also now provides end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp has been available on most devices from Android devices to Windows phones. WhatsApp just released a client for Windows and Mac and it kinda sucks.

The Windows client which we used and assume the Mac app is the same way..

The client is just a embed browser with WhatsApp’s online interface released last year for serving messages and calls.whatsapp-win-x1

That saying is not all bad. The navigation bar does provide a more ‘windows-like’ UI for things you can do with the web UI like marking a conversation as read or creating a new chat. However the best feature of the application are the Windows 10 integrated notifications.whatsapp-win-x2

This is probably is most useful feature of the application.

Now I’m not gonna give it too much slack as it’s still in beta but, to summarize the UI sucks, the functionality is kinda there and it most likely going to get better in future versions.

It’s so pre-release that the Mac version of the app actually has to be downloaded in a ZIP and “manually” installed.

As I said before we’re still testing the Mac version of the app.

Sprint and Shentel have completed their acquisition of nTelos.

On May 6th Shentel – a local provider has completed their acquisition nTelos – a Virginia based wireless provider. Shentel works in conjunction with Sprint to expand their network. Just last year Sprint was able to enable LTE in most of Virginia including Roanoke, Va. and some of West Va. Read More.

Shentel has acquired all of nTelos’s stocks, wireless network assets, retail shops and ~290,000 existing nTelos customers.

What Shentel will be doing next


All nTelos customers will receive notices via mail, email, text etc.. To complete their server move over to Sprint or Boost Mobile (A sprint MVNO). We’re not 100% how Sprint will be charging the new customer and what plans will go to what carrier (Sprint or Boost Mobile) however it seems like the FRAWG nTelos plans will be transferred to Boost Mobile.

However we do know this:

  • All nTelos customer will still be able to use their nTelos phones and service until they have completed their transition.

Once you receive your instructions from Sprint, you’ll have the following options:

  • Choose a customized Sprint plan which is going to be same or better than what you have now and will include – Unlimited Text, Data, and the same amount of data you have right now along with the same price as what you pay now.
  • Customer will also have the option to move over a standard Sprint plan and they will not have to worry about their contract ETF or anything like that.

If a customer does not want to switch over to Sprint – they will have the option to change carrier when their contract(s) are over.


For all nTelos customer the coverage will improve all now you’ll have access to Sprint’s LTE coverage nationwide not just 3G, like before.

Sprint/Shentel are also going to be investing $350 Millon into the network over the next two year, so be prepared for carrier aggregation (Sprint’s fastest LTE network. Up-to 100 Mbps however much faster as time goes on, along with 5G like speeds.).


All customers with a handset – iPhone 5C or older – will keep their device, a new SIM card will just be inserted. For all other customers, you phone will be replacement for the new network improvements. Most likely, without ETF charges.


All nTelos retail store will be converted to Sprint-branded stores. The employees will remain the same as of now.

You can visit any nTelos store or call customer service to move over to Sprint.

Our first report on Sprint and nTelos’s agreement to bring LTE. Click Here.

Our report on Shentel agreeing to buy nTelos. Click Here.

WWDC 2016 dates set for June 13-17th!

Apple has just confirmed the date for it’s annual developer conference to be held between June 13th to the 17th..

Considering this year’s theme it’s very likely that we won’t see any new hardware.. and is going to be more targeted towards developers; hence the name World Wide Developer Conference..
This year the event is being held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium instead of Moscone West..wwdc16-home-hero-large

After a quick analysis of the invitation here are some apps the line of code could to be referring to:

Hello love at first swipe. Tinder
Hello other side of the road. Crossy Road
Hello yogi on my wrist. Pocket Yoga
Hello driver, fast as you can. Uber
Hello workout in my living room. 7 Minute Workout
Hello every pitch, every highlight. MLB At Bat
Hello self-combusting selfies. Snapchat
Hello double tap heart. Instagram
Hello rain in five minutes. Dark Sky
Hello 6 seconds of fame. Vine

You can order your tickets to WWDC here.

Watch the crash of FlyDubai flight FZ981 as it happened..

The world has just learned of another horrifying crash.. This time it’s a FlyDubai flight FZ981 from Dubai (DXB) Rostov-on-Don (ROV). The plane crashed just off runway at approximately 20:41 UTC. Reportedly, All passengers and crew on board are dead.

We would like to extend our prayers for the family of all the crew and passengers on board.

A video that shows the crash of Flight FZ981. Whether this video is authentic or not has not yet been confirmed.

If you would like to see the flight’s confusing path in the reportedly very minimal visibility you can do so here. This page shows’s the flight’s movement in the air up-to right before it crashed.

Many other airlines have also extended their prayer’s for the crew and passengers who died.

Pangu Officially releases a jailbreak for iOS 9.1 64-bit devices!

After so long Pangu had finally released jailbreak for iOS 9. In the Pangu 9 version 1.3.0 it added support for iOS 9 64-bit devices! However people who already upgrade to iOS 9.2 or who are using devices under the iPhone 5S are out of luck… Sorry.

You can download the tool here and only here. For mac here.

The process is the same for the other jailbreaks:

Pre-Jailbreak Preparation

  1. Disable both TouchID and passcode/password.
  2. Disable Find my iPhone temporally.
  3. Put your phone into Airplane Mode.
  4. Backup your device. Make sure you don’t do a encrypted backup or else the jailbreak will fail.

Jailbreaking Process

  1. Download and run the TaiG on an Windows system.
  2. Once the application recognizes your desired device and click “Start” to start the process.
  3. Wait until the prompt tell you to unlock your device and re-enable jailbreak mode. Once prompted re-enable Airplane Mode.
  4. Now wait for the prompt to open the Pangu app, once you open the app – Tap on Accept and Allow the Pangu app to access to your photos. (The Pangu team is a very trusted team, If you do not want to allow access to your photos then wait for another jailbreaking tool. It’s known that the access is only used to move files around.)
  5. Open you let the tool finish the process, the Cydia app should appear on your device.



The WWDC app will appear on your device, DO NOT DELETE or OPEN the app. The app is used to inject the jailbreak onto your device.

The Pangu app will also appear on your, DO NOT DELETE or OPEN the app. This app is used for a Step 4 in the Jailbreaking Process.

Never unplug, use or mess with your device during the process. Do not worry about the “Storage is full message” either, it’s normal.

Vessel is now ad-free and is offering annual subscription plans!

Vessel – A YouTube competitor video streaming service partly from the former Hulu CEO, Jason Kilar. The streaming service has racked up a number of content creators who release their videos on platform a period of time before it gets released to any other service like YouTube. All videos on Vessel have NO in video ads like some YouTube videos do.

Vessel allowed a number of users to sign up for the paid service free for a full year with their creator’s links. More Info here.

To cover the cost of those free subscriptions.. Videos on Vessel had 5-10 seconds ads integrated before each video along with random ads in your “subscription stream”.


Those free one-year subscriptions that we talked about before – yeh – they are expiring this month so Vessel is changing it’s strategy for earning money. Starting now Vessel will no longer have any ads (Except for music videos).

Due to the number of people who didn’t renew their free subscription, Vessel is offering a annual plan for only $19.99! That’s almost 44% off it’s regular monthly plans at almost a dollar a month!

Also to better compete with the market – Vessel now also has exclusive shows like Nerd Sports form ChannelSuperFun or LinusTechTips.

TL;DR: No ads, exclusive shows and $2.99 monthly or $19.99 annually (Just over a dollar a month).

Apple launches offical Twitter for support!

After so long Apple has finally launched a official Twitter account for providing support for it’s customers. Many companies have used the social media to help customers solve their problems.

It is a much faster and more modern way of helping customers since they don’t have to go though phone three and than wait for a representative to pick up.

The account is @AppleSupport that’s the ONLY twitter account officially backed by Apple. The twitter account is also verified by twitter so don’t give your personal information to any other account pretending to be the official account.

Other then support the account is also going to be providing helpful tips and tutorials for better using your device.

Tips for staying safe during the #Superbowl50 using Technology!

If you’re going out tonight for #Superbowl50 here are a few tips on staying safe by using technology:

Don’t Drink and Drive

As lame as it may sound.. If you’re going out tonight always remember – Don’t drink and drive. You’re not only putting your own life in danger but, you’re also putting other’s. Most people don’t want tonight to be their last night.
To help you not drink and drive use one of these services tonight:

Uber – Save $15 using promo code ‘uberddshd’ or

Don’t run out of power

Not an issue if you’re staying in but, if you’re going out make sure you have your devices charged and carry an extra battery with you just in-case of an emergency. Here are a few that we recommend:

Mohpie’s power cases and banks:

We will try to add more but, depending on your location.. Just go to the nearest store and find one and meets your needs before you leave.

Those are just a few tips to keep in mind before and while you’re got for #Superbowl50!