Whatsapp just released a client for Windows and Mac – It kinda sucks.

WhatsApp – The popular messaging and VOiP calling service to other users has been very successful, especially in countries like India where Telecom providers still charge separately for Voice Minutes and Texting. Aside from getting purchased by Facebook for $19 Billion, the service also now provides end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp has been available on most devices from Android devices to Windows phones. WhatsApp just released a client for Windows and Mac and it kinda sucks.

The Windows client which we used and assume the Mac app is the same way..

The client is just a embed browser with WhatsApp’s online interface released last year for serving messages and calls.whatsapp-win-x1

That saying is not all bad. The navigation bar does provide a more ‘windows-like’ UI for things you can do with the web UI like marking a conversation as read or creating a new chat. However the best feature of the application are the Windows 10 integrated notifications.whatsapp-win-x2

This is probably is most useful feature of the application.

Now I’m not gonna give it too much slack as it’s still in beta but, to summarize the UI sucks, the functionality is kinda there and it most likely going to get better in future versions.

It’s so pre-release that the Mac version of the app actually has to be downloaded in a ZIP and “manually” installed.

As I said before we’re still testing the Mac version of the app.