Tips for staying safe during the #Superbowl50 using Technology!

If you’re going out tonight for #Superbowl50 here are a few tips on staying safe by using technology:

Don’t Drink and Drive

As lame as it may sound.. If you’re going out tonight always remember – Don’t drink and drive. You’re not only putting your own life in danger but, you’re also putting other’s. Most people don’t want tonight to be their last night.
To help you not drink and drive use one of these services tonight:

Uber – Save $15 using promo code ‘uberddshd’ or

Don’t run out of power

Not an issue if you’re staying in but, if you’re going out make sure you have your devices charged and carry an extra battery with you just in-case of an emergency. Here are a few that we recommend:

Mohpie’s power cases and banks:

We will try to add more but, depending on your location.. Just go to the nearest store and find one and meets your needs before you leave.

Those are just a few tips to keep in mind before and while you’re got for #Superbowl50!