YouTube is offering 3 months of YouTube RED for just a dollar!

YouTube RED – A paid service from YouTube which gives you access to some extra features (Background listening on mobile, ad-free content and more..), exclusive content and a better way to support your creators!

YouTube has just started sending out newsletters informing users that you can get a three month subscription for just a dollar! That’s right just a dollar for three months of service!

The offer is valid until 6/17/2016 and is unfortunately not available for users who have used the free-trail before. After the three months, if you haven’t canceled your subscription it’ll automatically renew for $9.99/month.

Google changes it’s logo at a turning point for the company..!

Google, the very intelligent and the most popular search engine that you’re probably already used to by now is getting an identity change. Just a few weeks ago, Google made a decision to create a one large company to look over all of the smaller company that Google now has. Like, YouTube, Google Maps etc..

Now that the Google search engine and the other services like Gmail are their own company, the very iconic Google icon has change, just a bit and you probably won’t even notice it.

The new logo is flatter, and more sizable. The old logo has been with Google since it’s was still just a search engine and now that it’s much more with Operating system for Phones, Tablets, Computers, Watches and now even Cars along with different Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google News, Google Videos etc.. The new logo is more scalable so, it fitts-in more with different size screens and, different services.

The new logo is also¬†animatable so, it’s fits in better with the new Material Design look.

There are also Google Voice search and Google now animation..

Animation // Google Blog

The “G” in logo like the favicon or the microphone logo itself is also four colors.¬†

Expect the new logo to roll-out to different Google services soon along with it’s apps by updates!

Google adds night mode for Google Maps!

An update to Google Maps just released added night mode which allows for better viewing in the dark..

The mode gets auto enabled by the current time on the your device.

The new modes are a much better for driving in the dark using Google Maps since it’s not going to be blinding you anymore!
You can get the new look by just updating your Google Maps app from your app store.

Before Dark Mode
Before Dark Mode

After Dark Mode
After Dark Mode