Best Buy has stopped offering 2-year contract from Sprint!

The major electronics retails, how now stopped allowing Sprint customers to get their devices on a 2-year contract.

Sprint – the forth-largest cell phone carrier in the U.S. was one of the last offering however earlier this year it announced that customer will not be able to get phones on a 2-year contract without a $25 fee on their new plans. Legacy plans were not effected by this change. The same day it announced that it’s corporate stores will not allow customers to buy phones on a 2-yr. contract. At this point the only way to get a 2-yr contract was online at, calling Telesales or at a third-party retailer.

BestBuy was the last large retailer still carrying Sprint 2-yr. contracts. However it announced starting October it will no longer offer that.

Currently the only large retailers carrying Sprint 2-yr. contracts are Costco and Apple itself for iPhones.

NOTE: BestBuy has decided to hold off until the 6th to stop offering contracts so you still have time!