A Tesla can be hacked but, It’s not a big of an issue..

The “White Hat” hacker team was able to hack a Tesla Model S but, not in the way they were able to hack the Jeep.

In the Jeep hack the hackers were able to do things that could do serious damage like:

Disable Brakes
Apply Trottle

All of that just using the cellular connection far-far away.

While in the Tesla hack the hackers had to be connected to the car via an Ethernet cable and were only able to do “minor” things like:

Shut the car down including the electronic system and apply handbrakes ONLY if the car was driving under 5 Mph.

Other non-speed based things they were able to do were:
Lock/Unlock the car
“Roll” up/down the windows
and Change the speed shown on the Speedometer

This is a MUCH minor hack then the Jeeps but, it shows that it can be done. Tesla already has a program if a person reports the vulnerability to Tesla they will be awarded big money!

An fix for the vulnerabillity has already been send out with a OTA (Over-the-air update). This can be applied with just a Wi-Fi connection on your Tesla car!

Tesla crashes into an US Bank!

ISSAQUAH, Wash – As Komonews reported – When a Tesla run into a US Bank branch by Gillman Road at about 9AM. The car owner was trying to use the ATM when something went wrong and jumped the curve and run into the brick build, according to Marty Martin with the Issaquah Police Department.

Martin the driver, an adult, was not injured in the crash. It currently not clear if anyone was in the bank but, [mks_highlight color=”#F3F315″]Nobody is hurt![/mks_highlight]

Police since then has not released much information – The car has been towed away. It’s also not clear how much financial damage has been done – Bricks cost also of money (pun intended).


[mks_button size=”small” title=”Source: Komonews” style=”squared” url=”http://www.komonews.com/news/local/No-injuries-when-Tesla-crashes-into-Issaquah-bank-292013251.html” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#dd3333″ txt_color=”#FFFFFF” icon=”fa-external-link” icon_type=”fa”]