Sprint quietly shuts down Sprint Prepaid

Sprint, the US’s third largest phone carrier which is on the come up with major network upgrades and changes. Sprint grow tremendously last year however their prepaid sales were VERY down.

As of February 2nd, 8:40 PM EST, most links on the Sprint Prepaid website redirects to Boost Mobile, a Prepaid MVNO of Sprint and a separate company. As of right now, there has been no direct information from Sprint about what is going to happen to the existing customers and the future Sprint Prepaid brand, if we had to guess they are moving all the customers to Boost Mobile.

Sprint has two main prepaid MVNOs, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Both offer similar device selection, customer service and other feature, like roaming and free music streaming. However Virgin Mobile offers 5GB of high speed data VS 2GB on Boost with the same price.


We will update this post with the latest information from Sprint, once provided.

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