UPDATED: Betas for iOS 10 Jailbreaks have been released!



The most stable version currently is BETA 3. Even thought it’s the most stable.. it’s not stable stable and substrate is still not enabled.

Luca has released a for the iPhone 6S TSMC devices on the Telegram group. With this usersĀ can jailbreak their TSMC devices – however it’s not stable at all.

qwertyoruiopz on Twitter has released a iPA on his website containing jailbreak (sort-of) for some devices.

His jailbreak is legit as confirmed by Saurik, the creator of Cydia. However currently nobody is able to use the jailbreak as they would normally expect.

The iPA file has to be signed in a special way so I can be loaded onto your device. You can then use the app to jailbreak your device however this BETA version does not include Cydia or mobile substrate (a component needs for almost all tweaks and sometimes Cydia itself).

We’re closely monitoring this release and we will update this page with the current details.

As of right now we suggest not trying to jailbreak your device unless you’re a developer as you could ruin your device.

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