Soundpeats QY7s – A pair of very affordable bluetooth earbuds which sound great!

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There are many wireless earbuds on the market to choose from but, most of them cost up wards of $200 so I tested these the QY7’s from the Soundpeats. The earbuds are only $20 on amazon and sound just as good as the more expensive ones…

There are many versions of these earbuds sold from difference companies however from the very little research I did… Soundpeats sounds like the original manufacturer who less these in bulk to other companies who put their own logo on and resell them for a premium. The hardware is the same it’s just the logo that’s different.


The earbuds have unique wing shape build with high quality, glossy plastic. The right earbud handles all the controlling with the power button, volume rocker and very tiny and muffled microphone. These buttons can perform multiple actions and the full list if provided in the manual, which we have also embed below:


The body of the earbuds can take quite a beating without any problems and also works well with a bit of moisture (Sweat or Rain) but, it definitely won’t stand up to a quick swim in the pool or a quick shower.

The left earbud on the other hand only contains the battery and the micro-usb port for charging.


The battery life is below average at about 5 hours. Less than the high priced earbuds but, the corners had to be somewhere for the $20 price tag. The charging time take about 2 hours with a standard iPhone charger and I wouldn’t recommend using anything with a higher amperage just to be safe.

The earbuds are connected to each other with a flat rubber cable which is also tangle-free. However, if you were to the tuck the cable under your clothing or anything that restrains it from it floating around freely, every small movement you make WILL be heard and it’s very distracting. If you leave the cable free to roam out it is not a problem at all.

The most important part of a headphone review is sound quality and somehow Soundpeats has nailed it for only $20. Since these are in-ear earbuds they are naturally very good to blocking out sound but, this is exceptionally good! I cannot hear anything in the outside even with the volume just at 50%.

These can be picked up for only $20 or less at Amazon using our affiliated link here. (Helps us run the company without any cost to you, we promise). There are also tons of colors available.


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