Vessel is now ad-free and is offering annual subscription plans!

Vessel – A YouTube competitor video streaming service partly from the former Hulu CEO, Jason Kilar. The streaming service has racked up a number of content creators who release their videos on platform a period of time before it gets released to any other service like YouTube. All videos on Vessel have NO in video ads like some YouTube videos do.

Vessel allowed a number of users to sign up for the paid service free for a full year with their creator’s links. More Info here.

To cover the cost of those free subscriptions.. Videos on Vessel had 5-10 seconds ads integrated before each video along with random ads in your “subscription stream”.


Those free one-year subscriptions that we talked about before – yeh – they are expiring this month so Vessel is changing it’s strategy for earning money. Starting now Vessel will no longer have any ads (Except for music videos).

Due to the number of people who didn’t renew their free subscription, Vessel is offering a annual plan for only $19.99! That’s almost 44% off it’s regular monthly plans at almost a dollar a month!

Also to better compete with the market – Vessel now also has exclusive shows like Nerd Sports form ChannelSuperFun or LinusTechTips.

TL;DR: No ads, exclusive shows and $2.99 monthly or $19.99 annually (Just over a dollar a month).

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