Apple’s ugly looking $99 battery case

Apple has started selling it’s own battery case but, from what you would expect from a product made by Apple is something every stylish and high quality however, this battery case looks very unattractive use a very odd looking bump on the back which holds the battery.

The case is made out of soft-touch silicone exterior with a soft microfiber lining on the inside. Apple claims the iPhone 6S and the battery case will have an increased talk time up to 25 hours along with LTE usage up to 18 hours! Since the battery is made by Apple itself, It includes the ability for the battery status to be displayed on both the iPhone’s lock screen and the notification center. Unlike third-party battery cases this case will actually use a lightning cable to charge both the case and phone but, most of the other cases just a micro-usb cable.

The odd look of the case gives it the ability to be used with existing Lightning accessories like the lightning dock. It has been reported that the odd look of the case is to avoid patent violation from other battery case companies like Mophie.

Mophie patent #9,172,070

Apple is getting a lot of hate for the ugly design of the battery case but, if you would like to get a first-party battery case then this is your only option as of now.. It’s available in two colors, Black and White and is available for $99.

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