YouTube RED: Removes ads, Background playback, Downloads and, Google Play Music service for just $9.99!

YouTube’s new “RED” subscription service allows hardcore viewers to support the creators with features in return.

The Subscription service is just $9.99 per month and let viewers have some sweet features like:

Ad-Free Content

With the YouTube RED subscription ads on YouTube videos are removed and YouTubed has promised that creators are going to make the same (If not more) amount of money they would’ve made with the viewer just watching a traditional ad.. It doesn’t seems clear how this can be with the amount of other services provided with the subscription.

Save Offline

Saving offline just allows you to easily and legally download YouTube videos within the app to allow users to save data or to just watch a video on the go.. All the playback statistics will get report back to YouTube just like if it was a regular YouTube video as soon as you come back online, so there no loss to creators.

Background Play

Background play just allows you to keep listening to the content even when you change apps or put your phone into sleep mode.

Google Play Music subscription

So from now on if you already have Google Play Music subscription (Also known as “All Access”) then YouTube RED is going to be included.. If you don’t have an All Access subscription then once you signup for YouTube RED it will be included too. All Access is very similar to iTunes Music which allows you to stream and download and music you want.. You can learn about All Access: here.


Both the All Access and YouTube RED subscriptions are free to try out for 30 days.

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