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The iPhone 6S and the 6S Plus are here!

Just a few hours ago, Apple announced it’s new generation of iPhones; the 6S and the 6S Plus. The new phones have seem to have brought some very interesting features to the table.

3D Touch

The new iPhone were exactly what they were rumored to be. The new iPhone have “3D Touch” – a fancy name for force touch. 3D Touch on the new iPhones is a combination between the right click menu and the preview feature on the Mac.

For Example: You can force tap on an iMessage Conversation and a preview of the conversation will pop up. You can also interact more with the action by pressing harder on the screen.

Developers can also integrate 3D Touch into their own apps, One of the apps that has already been updated is Instagram. In Instagram you can 3D Touch on the thumbnail of an image and a preview of the image will pop-up!



The Camera on the new iPhones have a extremely improved! For the past year Apple has stuck with an 8 MP camera while other manufacturers have had 12-16 MP cameras. Apple has been backing off on adding more megapixels because if you put more pixels in the same senor size the color accuracy, low light performance tend to be quite poor. Apple has found a few ways with help with the problem. This year they have gone with a 12 MP camera and if the color accuracy and the low light performance are as good or better then the current phones then this will easily be the best camera on a smartphone.

The front selfie camera have also been upgrade with a 5 MP senor. This time you also have a “simulated” flash with will use the sensors on the phone to match the light temperature around you to flash the the screen itself for a “ok” lit selfie.

Live Photos

Live Photos is features that takes a sequence of photos with audio (not video, apparently) 1.5 second before and after the photos has been taken. So when you 3D Touch on the photo in the gallery I will play the sequence showing the moment that led upto the picture. You can set these “Live Photos” as your wallpaper or as a watch face on your Apple Watch.


Since Apple decide to upgrade to a 12 MP camera. You will be able to take 4K Video at 30 fps on the phone. Since 4K videos take so much space, you will be able to choose what quality you record your video at in the settings.



The new iPhone have the Apple A9; Which is Apple’s own 3rd Generation 64-bit processor. The new A9 CPU is up to 80% faster then the A8’s CPU. The GPU on the A9 is up to 90% faster. Apple is claiming the CPU power to be “Desktop class” and the GPU to be “Console class”.

Data Connection

The Wifi and LTE performance has been improved just a little bit; The new phones support up to 23 LTE bands with a maximum of 300 Mbps through-put. Wifi hasn’t been changed a lot with speeds up to 866 Mbps. Of cource your’re not going to get these speeds just because you have the phone. These speeds are the maximum throughput for the phones.


You will be able to buy the new phones at the same price as the current ones so; 16GB models for the 6S start at $199 w/ 2-year carrier contact and $299 for the 6S Plus w/ a 2-carrier contact.

If you don’t want to lock-in with a contact with your carrier then you can finnance the phones with Apple for $32.45 /month for iPhone 6S (24-month) and/or $37.45 for the iPhone 6S Plus (24-month).

Apple also has a new program this year called “iPhone Upgrade Program” which will give you a new phone every year! You can learn more about it here!

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