12.9″ inch iPad! The iPad Pro!

Just a few hours ago; Apple announced it’s new iPad; the iPad Pro!



As you may have already seen by now the new iPad Pro has a huge 12.9 Inch – 2732-by-2048 beautiful retina display! Because of the larger space you have a lot more room to add additional features. Like Four Speakers on every corners of the iPad for amazing sound. These speakers will automatically adjust the sound frequency and volume based on what you’re listening to and how you’re holding the iPad; for the best sound performance.


For the first time Apple has first-party accessories for the new iPad Pro. The first one is the new Smart Keyboard and the second one is the new Apple Pencil.

This web comic “Surface Tension” made by Joel Watson, 3 years ago predicted how Apple would have their own Surface Tablet in “WWDC 2015” just 6-months off the actual release.


Smart Keyboard

The Smart Keyboard, which looks a lot like Microsoft’s smart cover for the Surface. The Smart Keyboard is basically just the regular smart case for the iPad with a keyboard. The keyboard connects to the iPad via magnetic pins on the side of the iPad Pro; This port will provide both power and data.

Apple Pencil

The Apple is just the regular stylus. It works with the digitizer on the iPad to detect pressure, tilt and of-course movement. The wired part about the Apple Pencil is that you have to charge it by plugging in the male lightning plug into the lightning port on the iPad Pro.

This is a weird way of charging the Pencil as it looks silly and is dangerous since there is high risk of it breaking. The Apple can run for 30 minutes with a 15 second charge.


Apple 2007 iPhone conference where Steve Jobs said how he hates a stylus.


The performance on the new iPad Pro is (according to Apple) faster then 80% (CPU) and 90% (CPU) of portable PCs launched in the last year. The iPad Pro runs off Apple’s own 3rd Generation 64-bit; A9X Processor. Apple has demoed the iPad Pro realtime rendering 3 4K streams at the same time.

Battery Life

Even with the improved performance and larger screen size; Apple claims the iPad pro can still get “full-day” or 10-hours of battery life.


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