Apple already has 11 Million users!

It’s been just a month since Apple Music launched to public and and it has already gotten 11 Million trail users with 2 million of them with the $14.99 per month family plan, company executives toldĀ USA TODAY.

We’re thrilled with the numbers so far, says Eddy Cue

Apple Music costs $9.99 for individuals and $14.99 in a family plan for up-to 6 people! Apple Music has more than 30 Million on-demand and offline available songs along with human-created playlists and live radio ad-free! Everybody get a 3 month trail which automatically get’s renewed into a paid plan . This is if you don’t turn off the auto-renew option or cancel before the trail ends.
Apple would already have more members then Spotify if everyone moved over to the paid plan.

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