301+ views is no longer a thing!?

We all have a seen a video with the 301+ views on a YouTube video and that’s because when a video gets more than 300 views rapidly, YouTube has to verify those views to make sure that real people are actually watching the video and not just bots. This verification process can not just take hours but a few days to even weeks! Now that YouTube is a much bigger platform with hundreds of videos getting more than 300 views in just a few minutes. This is not just a problem for creators who can’t track views on their videos in “real-time” but, it’s also a little unprofessional to see a highly produced with “301+” views.

Yesterday YouTube posted a photo on Twitter with the caption “We’re saying goodbye to 301+ and hello to more up-to-date video views.” with a photo of their new view verification process that will continue to count views that it knows are from real people and will keep that views that it thinks are “suspicious” for review later instead of verifying them in-bulk after 300 views. This is also a much better process as before if your video passed the 300 views mark you could use bots later to jack up the views without even YouTube noticing (unless they manually checked them again..) as the verification for the views is not in place for views that you get after the “301+” has been updated!

Overall this is really smart move for YouTube to keep up with the overgrowing traffic for online on-demand content!

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