Sprint LTE rolling out in Roanoke, Vinton, Salem and Bedford VA! and more… (Charleston)


May 9th 2016 – UPDATE
Shentel has finished the deal to buy nTelos.
Click Here.

November 21st 2015 – UPDATE
Confirmed Sprint LTE in the areas has just been launched! Click Here.

November 19th 2015 – UPDATE
Shentel has aggregated to buy nTelos.
Click Here.


Just today the coverage page for Sprint has been updated to include 4G LTE service. The map now shows that there is 4G LTE coverage in Roanoke, Parts of Vinton, Salem and Bedford. All of the voice and data services are provided by nTelos and the agreement that we talked about here is confirmed!
Hopefully the new 4G LTE nework from Sprint/nTelos in Virgnia and West Virginia could get it some more customers!

We are still trying to get an opportunity to test out the 4G LTE speeds. Just to clear things up: This is not Sprint Spark, a Verizon XLTE competer because again the service is provided by nTelos and they do not have the right to put in Sprint Sprak towers.

The 4G LTE service is also added to some W. VA markets like Charleston, Princeton and other W. VA markets.

LTE for the area come more than 2-3 years after Verizon and ATT have already has their LTE! Roanoke, VA was also one of the first area to get XLTE from Verizon.

The coverage is still increasing and once we actually test out the service we will provide you with how it works!

You can check the coverage map for yourself here: http://coverage.sprint.com

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6 thoughts on “Sprint LTE rolling out in Roanoke, Vinton, Salem and Bedford VA! and more… (Charleston)”

    1. I have contacted Sprint and they have told me that Sprint 4G LTE and Sprint Sprak is coming next month (July).. I highly doubt that since there are no signs of that.. Hopefully Sprint can step-up their game. But yeah for now it’s still just 3G..

  1. I don’t know what map you were looking at but Roanoke has NO LTE service on sprint and it only shows 3g on their map

      1. It’s now July 22nd still no 4g just the same cap 3g sprint service that you can barely stream you tube on with out it buffering every time you want to stream something 480p and over

  2. Hello, I am a current NTelos customer. Ntelos is the network provider for sprint for western Va and West Va. We have Lte and it has gotten a lot better in the last month. More coverage ect. LTE for sprint will be the same as we have 1900 LTE. I also saw where the Sprint map added this area but was very quickly removed.

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