YouTube’s 10 year anniversary is marked with unicorns, cats and double rainbows!?

YouTube is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary the way we know it. YouTube has chosen 26 of it’s best moments of videos from A to Z! It’s also spreading them though out May – A letter a day.

On YouTube 300 hours of video is being uploaded every minute compared to the first video that was uploaded to YouTube by it’s co-founder Jawed Karim – “Me at the zoo” which was only 18-seconds.

YouTube was founded on February 14th 2005 in an apartment above a Japanese restaurant. The idea for YouTube was born after the creater couldn’t find footage of 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and other events. In 2006 YouTube was purchased by Google for only $1.68 Billon.

YouTube is also ranked #3 Globally and #4 in the U.S. on the famous site ranking site Alexa.

But, this is how YouTube puts it’s self:

YouTube is a portrait of our global culture, seen through the lenses and perspectives of people around the world. It is a portrait built by a creative community of bold and fearless individuals. Built by comedians, gamers,activists, artists, performers, teachers, and pranksters. Built with cats and rainbows and blenders and ninjas and unicorns. It was built on the silly. It was built on the profound. It was built by you.

Of-Course you can’t forget that we are also on YouTube and are making great tech content!

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