How to fix “The phone number is change or not in service” message when placing calls on Sprint.

iPhone running iOS 8.3.

I ran into an issue after enabling Wi-Fi calling in my Sprint iPhone – It would not place or receive calls as soon as I left Wi-Fi or even when I came back on Wi-Fi.

I would keep reciving a message along the lines of:

“The Phone number that you are trying to call is disconnected or not in-service. If you received this message by error then, check your number and try again. (Error Number).

The wired part was that I was able to call 5-1-1, Apple Care and, Sprint Care or any Toll-free number. I was Just not able to call a local number.

I called Sprint and went to a Sprint store but, all they were able to do was ##UPDATE# and then ##CLEAR#. The last operater from sprint told me that it was a “glitch” in the network and If I summited my location to them then they would come to the tower and fix the “glitch”. ┬áKeep in mind that the problem started on a different tower. He told me wait till the morning and call back if the problem was still there.

I decided to take the problem into my own hands. I went into Setting > Phone > WiFi Calls > Update Emergency Information > Scrolled down and checked “Disable Wi-Fi calls on this account > Confirmed the print and now the Wi-Fi calls were disabled from the Sprint system – The Problem went away.

UPDATE (No idea with date it is):*The phone number is change or not in service* has been fixed with a carrier update and in iOS 8.4. If you are still on iOS 8.3 then call ##873283# to fix the problem while using Wi-Fi calling.

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