Apple March 2015 Event; New MacBook and Apple Watches!

Just a few hours ago, Apple had it’s March 2015 Spring forward event where they announced price drops, new partnerships, a new Macbook, and more details on the Apple Watch.

The keynote as usual started off with the small things like – HBONOW will launch first exclusively to Apple starting at just $14.99/mo. Apple also cut down the price of the Apple TV from $99 to $69 – Old hardware and competition.


Then Apple went on how it’s going to help with medical research by announcing “ResearchKIT” which allows developers to create app to faster get survey on health problems. This helps researchers find cure for health issues much faster. Doctors can also use this technology to send notification to it’s patients who are using it’s app.
Apple is also working with many research companies to get this technology out into the hands of patients who have severed health problems such as Breast Cancer etc..

After taking a bunch about “ResearchKIT” – They went on to talk about their Macbook line and brought the new Macbook. It’s hasn’t been branded as the MacB. Pro or the MacB. Air it’s just a new product line called the “Macbook“.

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This new Macbook is for the looks and not for how it performs or how much it costs. It’s a super-thin laptop. Because of this there are only two I/Os. One a USB-C port that is both for charging and a standard USB 3 port (Can only do one at a time unless you have the Apple adapter).

The other I/O is a standard four pole 3.5 mm port.

When we said “Super-thin” we mean’t it.. It’s just 13.1 mm at this thickest and because of this the USB-C port was one of the compromise that were made. The other two are the new keyboard and the trackpad.

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Apple then went onto something that we all were expecting which is the Apple Watch.

We already knew a lot about the watch such as the colors, bands, and the models but, today we got the pricing, the release date and more..

Apple talked about some of the stuff that we already but, they announced “WatchKIT” with which developers can create that apps for the watch.  The watch also has a new included app with iOS 8.2 “Apple Watch” with which you can download apps for the watch, themes and change settings. The watches are available in both 38mm and 42mm case. They also gave us the price:

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$349 or $399
[mks_tab_item title=”Regular”]
$549 or $599
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NOTE: You will need an iPhone device that is newer then the iPhone 5 and running iOS 8.2 or above.
You will be able to pre-order all of these models starting April 24th 2015!

That was about it for the event!

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