Tesla crashes into an US Bank!

ISSAQUAH, Wash – As Komonews reported – When a Tesla run into a US Bank branch by Gillman Road at about 9AM. The car owner was trying to use the ATM when something went wrong and jumped the curve and run into the brick build, according to Marty Martin with the Issaquah Police Department.

Martin the driver, an adult, was not injured in the crash. It currently not clear if anyone was in the bank but, [mks_highlight color=”#F3F315″]Nobody is hurt![/mks_highlight]

Police since then has not released much information – The car has been towed away. It’s also not clear how much financial damage has been done – Bricks cost also of money (pun intended).


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2 thoughts on “Tesla crashes into an US Bank!”

  1. You mention that bricks cost alot of money. So do Tesla cars. Why would anyone drive their $135,000.00 premium luxury electric car through a brick wall? Also if this had happened to some lousy Ford, Chrysler, or GM product, I doubt the brand name of the car would be put into the headline. I would buy a Tesla P85D in an instant if I was a millionaire, and I would show it the respect it deserves. It would not be getting driven through brick walls, when I was behind the wheel.

    1. Bricks cost a lot of money was a intended pun.. The only reason that a Tesla car would make headlines is because One.. It costs a lot and Two… It doesn’t happen often. I see a lot of Ford and other brands you mentioned crashing but, since it happens so often – It doesn’t make headlines.

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