EXCLUSIVE: YouTube can support 5K Video.

On Jan. 27th YouTube switched to using HTML5 by default and the next day twitter user @AndrazZnidar Posted a twitter photo showing the option 2880p 5K as one of the resolution options on a 5K video. 

Here is the video this was seen on!

The next day – the same twitter user puts up two images showing that the video was actually in 5K! The first and the second photos show that it is a 1.02 Gib, 5624×2304 at 25 fps! The “stats for nerds” from YouTube also shows that the video resolution is 5K.

At this point the 5K option has been removed but, this shows that YouTube has the ability to stream videos at 5K – Why has YouTube not enabled that option yet is unknown. No word from YouTube about this option yet.

If someone finds another video that has a option of over 4K then let us know with a comment or a tweet @ddshdyt!

Just in case the photos get deleted we have uploaded all images to our server. Attached Below.


Stats for nerds

Resolution selection

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