MSI GT80 Titan! Upgradeable SLI Gaming Notebook with Cherry MX Keyboard!

MSI’s new GT80 Titan is an Upgradble SLI gaming notebook that has a Cheey MX keyboard build-in!

This gaming notebook has a full thickness mechanical keybord so there was a big compromise. The laptop is oddly designed and these is this big space above the keyboard which houses all your components included the DVD drive and two GTX 980M graphics card. Now since the keyboard has to at the very edge of the laptop… Which means there is no place to put your hand but, the downside is if the components were at the bottom then there would be alot of heat from the components.

The tracpad is also really oddly sized with it being really tall. The tracpad also has a numpad that can be used on top of tracpad. With a 16:9 screen you would think that the tracpad would be a problem but, actually it’s not that bad!

The keyboard being this far from the screen you would think that would be a problem with a small screen but, unlike other laptops like has 18.4 in. screen so that’s not a problem.

The metal part above the keyboard is held in by two screws and you can slide it off and have access to most of the key components such as the all four of the PCI E SSDs, 2 out of the 4 slots of ram, the hard drive, and the CD drive. All of the other components are accessible from the bottom.

MSI is also adding in a bunch of additions when you buy the laptop. MSI is including a wrist rest, a bag that can hold this beast! MSI’s upgrade program that was released last year promises that for 2 GPU product lines they will have new MXM modules and new cooling modules people can install to move to the next two generations of high-end GPUs.


Port for the 350 watt power brick!

(1) Ethernet port

(2) Mini-display ports

(1) HDMI

(1) Optical out

(5) USB 3.0 SS

(1) SD Card Reader

Audio Jacks

Kensington Lock


Almost $3,600!





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