Everybody has head of Xbox right? Now there is a OBox! Whats Next?

Everybody has heard of Xbox right? Now there is a OBox! Whats Next?

Snail Games

Snal games is a chinese company that wants to compete in the handheld gaming catagory in the U.S. They have two new devices – OBox and W 3D!

The W 3D is a lot like the PlayStation Vita but, it runs Android! it has a OK display. It a solid choice for people what want the traditional gaming expirence with Android.

The OBox – Looks like an Xbox. It can have from a 500GB to a 4TB hard drive (Don’t know if it’s replaceable). The Obox also runs on Android with an Nvedia K1. Outputs in 3D and 4K… Good for doing android gaming on the televison!


Chris Plante | The Verge

Check out this video from The Verge for the more info:​

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