Untethered Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 on all devices!

A few days ago apple “pushed out” iOS 8.1.2 Over The Air (OTA) with bug fix, More info.

Usally when Apple send out an update it usually closes any loop holes or exploits but, It turns out that this time that is not the case. The iOS 8.1.2 jailbreak was out almost immediately after the release!



We DO NOT take any responsibility for any harm you do to your device {iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad} during this process.


Requirements / Before We Start

  1. Your device {iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad} must be running the latest (As of now) firmware: iOS 8.1.2. (Check Below)
  2. You must disable passcode and Find my {iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad}. You can re-enable these later.
    • Signing out of iCloud will not work, You must sign-in to iCloud and than, Disable Find my {iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad}.
  3. You will also need a Windows 7 or up based computer for this update to work (As of now). For Mac users: You can run Windows on a virtual machine or Boot Camp.
  4. Must have the latest version of iTunes (Check Below)



  • TaiG v1.2.0: [button url=”http://apt.taig.com/installer/en/TaiGJBreak_EN_1201.zip” style=” Grey ” size=”small” type=”square” icon=”icon-download” target=”_self”] Windows (47.7 MB) [/button] [button url=”https://filetea.me/t1smHBPEqMxR5mVZM0GU2w9Lw/dl” style=” red ” size=”small” type=”square” icon=”icon-download” target=”_self”] Windows (47.7 MB) – Fast Download [/button]
  • [button url=”http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/” style=” Grey ” size=”small” type=”square” icon=”icon-download” target=”_blank”] Download iTunes[/button] (You don’t have to enter an email).
  • Update to the latest version of iOS via OTA or manually with the corresponding iPSW found on our Downloads page.


Guide to Jailbreak

  1. (Recommended) – Back-up and then Restore your device {iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad} to a fresh version of iOS 8.1.2 . Don’t Restore from Backup just yet! You can do that after the jailbreak process is over.
  2. Plug-in you device {iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad} and open iTunes (If it doesn’t already).
    • After iTunes opens – Trust the computer on you device {iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad} and your computer.
  3. If you haven’t already remove passcode and Disable Find my {iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad}.
  4. After downloading the files mentioned above, Extract the ZIP files using the build-in zip extractor – To avoid problems.
  5. Run the “TaiGJBreak_EN_1201” EXE file and Un-check the “3K Assistant” Option. TaiG-1.2.0
  6. After you have carefully completed all the steps, Click jailbreak and don’t touch your device {iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad}, Don’t touch it even when the “Storage is almost full” alert comes up. Most important – Don’t unplug it.
    1. Your device {iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad} will reboot and you should then have Cydia!
  7. Last very important step: Open Cydia and let it finish updating it’s file system, If you close Cydia or reboot at this point than, You will have to restore your device {iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad} and do this all over again. Also, After that’s done update all the packages.

You are now done! You device {iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad} is now jailbroken! Have fun and Be Safe!




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