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Bends iPhone 6 Plus with bare hands!

A recent report from iPhone 6 Plus customers states a really impactful report stating that a lot of iPhone 6 Plus customers are experiencing their phone bending while it’s in their pocket! Well a YouTuber (Unbox Therapy) took it to the next level to find out if those reports are true! #BENDGATE.

He intensely bends the phone with much force to see if the phone actually bends. The phone did bend a-lot but, surprisingly the phone still worked after bending bent! He makes a follow-up video with bending the Samsung Galaxy S5 (Made out of Plastic) but, again surprisingly even putting a-lot more force than he did on the 6+ but, the S5 phone DOES NOT bent! He does state that after trying to bend the 6+ back the phone cracks. His video has blown-up and has more than 6,200,000 views in less than 24 hours!

This event of bending random thing had gotten its own hashtag #BENDGATE!

The original Unbox Therapy video had been embed below along with another video from Jonathan Morrison (TLDToday) who has done a video with the phone in the pocket and then sitting down. The conclusion in his video does-not end with a bended 6+ though.

Apple has done nothing about this right now.


Unbox Therapy

Jonathan Morrison (TLD Today)


Unbox Therapy

UPDATE 4:41 P.M.: Unbox Therapy has just uploaded another video with the bend test of HTC One M8, Moto X, and others!


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  1. Really nice article and website! I would compare this to The Verge. Your youtube videos are nice too!

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