Free Android Apps! Amazon is giving away apps worth $100!

Amazon has a deal where they are giving away Android Apps and according to Amazon they are worth $100! This deal starts NOW! and end Tomorrow (August 1st 2014).

These apps are only available for Android download through the Official Amazon AppStore App. You can get that here!

As of this post, there are 30 apps available in Amazon’s deal, including Sonic and Sega All-Stars, PDF Max, White Noise, and others. These are all free for two days, Combined they cost about $100

Here’s are my few top picks:
  • White Noise: $1.99 FREE!
  • KAYAK PRO: $0.99 FREE!
  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing: $1.99 FREE!
  • My Alarm Clock: $1.99 FREE!
  • Photo Editor+: $0.99 FREE!
Here is the Official list from Amazon
 Source:  9to5Mac 

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