Apple launches 16GB iPod touch 5th generation with all the colors and back camera for $199.99

    Apple recently announced 16GB iPod touch 5th generation with more colors and a front and a back facing camera (Unlike before). A few months ago Apple released a 16GB iPod with only a front facing camera and only available in a White (Silver).

Now you can get a iPod touch 5th generation starting at $199.99 with all the colors and both camera! The prices for the 32 GB and 64 GB model have also fallen. The 32 GB model now costs $249 (down from $299) and the 64 GB model costs $299 (from $399), a significant $100 drop.

    These new price points aren’t particularly shocking or unprecedented since we have seen better prices for both models within the past couple of months. Staples ran a 1-day sale that yielded the 32GB iPod touch for $224 and the 64GB iPod touch for $299. Also, the new retail prices have prompted Apple to drop refurbished prices. The 32GB model is now $199 (down from $219) and the 64GB model is now $239 (down from $299). The 16GB model without a rear camera is now just $149 refurbished (down from $189).

This now means there is only a $50 difference between storage sizes, unlike iPads and iPhones which go up in $100 increments.

Now the only difference between all three models is the price.

16GB for $199; 32GB for $249; 64GB for $299

With a $50 upgrade from the 16GB model you can get double the store and for another $50 you can get triple the storage of the 16GB model.

Source: Apple

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