Your device unusable because of iOS 8? Maybe I can save you!

So, after the release of iOS 8 most people rushed to update to iOS 8 with third party iPSWs’ using the old way of Shift + Check for Update or Option + Check for Update.









Completely Locked

Some users have found that using this way after a period of time you will get a radom reboot and than this message.


Waring: Trying to fix this issue may remove all data from you device
Then, you have one option… Restore your iDevice and go back to iOS 7.
Step 1:
Put your device in Recovery or DFU mode.
Entering DFU Mode (Official Instructions)
  1. Plug your device into your computer.
  2. Turn off the device.
  3. Hold the Power button for 3 seconds
  4. Hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds
  5. Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home button
  6. Keep holding the Home button until you are alerted by iTunes saying that it has detected a device in Recovery Mode
Step 2:
You will get this message in iTunes.
Now Click “Ok’ Then, “Restore” and after a while you should have a fresh install of iOS 7.
Again, This will delete all information the device and even if you have iOS 8 backed up, iTunes will not allow you to “Restore from Backup”.

Not so completely locked

So after, reading my last post, you thought that you might want to revert back to iOS 7 before your device gets locked and you lose everything another you don’t want to lost the photos or other information on that device… If you restore to iOS 7 you WILL lost everything but, there is a work around!

WARNING: Do this at your own risk. I do not take responsibility to anything you do to your device.

Step 1: Download the iOS 7 or 7.1 iPSW. If you don’t already have that you can go to my Downloads page for that.
Step 2: Open iTunes and Hold down Shift then, click “Check for Update” on Windows or  Hold down Shift then, click “Check for Update” on Mac.
Step 3: Choose iOS 7 or 7.1 iPSW and then let iTunes do its work!
After iTunes is done you should have iOS 7 or 7.1 without any information lost.

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