iEmpty is back with a major update.

iEmpty is back with a major update.
Add a blank icon to your home screen. No jailbreak required!!
1. Download Pickup from here
2. Put your phone into “wiggle” mode and slide to one of the empty screen. Take a screenshot of it.
3. Go to this address. Address only works on iOS device.
4. The webpage will ask you to open this page in Pickup. Just tap “open”.
5. Once the page has been opened in Pickup upload your screen shot then it will take you back to safari.
6. Make sure on the top of the webpage it says “Success” then scroll then and tap lets go.
7. Now when you scroll down a little you will see some icons with 1×1, 1×4 etc. Just tap on the icon where you would want to put the blank icon.
8. It will redirect you to a page then add that page to your home screen. Make sure you don’t name it anything.
If I choose 1×3 icon I would put that icon like this:
There you go you got your semi-blank icon.

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