Connectify Dispatch is here!!

Connectify Dispatch

Connectify was a soft that turned your windows computer into a wifi hotspot or router for 30 feet* by using the exiting internet connection. Connectify is very useful for me because, it has the highest wifi security WPA2. My mac’s internet sharing was not enough it didn’t have the WPA2 security. Now there is a new feature called Connectify Dispatch. Connectify Dispatch is a software that works with connectify hotspot!! Dispatch takes multiple internet connection connected to your computer and combines their FAST speed to give YOU ULTRAFAST internet connection. Sometimes faster than LTE! With it does not stop there you can also take that ULTRAFAST internet connection and share it using connectify hotspot!!

Only Connectify Dispatch

Connectify Dispatch + Connectify Hotspot
Check it out:

Connectify Dispatch:

*Range may vary by network card and environment..

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